Little Music Makers

Children's Music Classes in Mississauga

Children of all ages love music and singing.  When our children are infants we use our voices to sooth them, play with them and stimulate them. Toddlers love to sing, move and express themselves through music and Pre-Schoolers have a great time making up songs to familiar tunes and adding silly works to songs they already know.

Group Music Lessons give kids the opportunity to make music together!  These classes help develop language and motor skills, encourages socialization and listen skills and it’s a lot of FUN!!  Come and sing with me!

Little Stars 
(Parent and Tot Classes Age 1-3)

Come and sing, dance, jingle, stomp, clap and have a great time!  This class focuses on simple songs to sing together, rhythms, drums, chants, moving to the beat and learning to love making music!    

Young Musicians - Small Group Classes
(Ages 4-5)

Sing, clap, listen, and work together.  The young musicians will learn songs that encourage good vocal technique, simple rhythms, solfege (do re mi), listening skills and beginner music theory.  This class lays the foundation for further singing development.

These classes run for 8 week sessions, and enrollment is limited.  Please contact Heather for schedule and pricing information.

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